My Children Wont Sleep! SOS!

Why on earth cant kids just bloody sleep when they need to. I'm currently dealing with miss 15 month old, who believes since turning 1 that she doesn't need her second nap any more. Well sorry to burst your bubble kid, but you do need it, More than anything right now! This crying at the drop of a hat, throwing tantrums about small things like you had to take an extra step to reach your toy and by god, you are showing me just how displeased you are.

Like seriously, what has been programmed into kids that makes them believe they don't need to sleep when so obviously tired. They are deifying the law of effect where if sleepy you sleep, so that you are no longer sleepy. Its not bloody rocket science. But here I am sitting, with my child screaming in my ear as she is so overtired its a joke. I'm contemplating booking into a sleep school to sort this shit out. Like what am I meant to do, she is sat here, having a hissy fit but if I try to put her to bed the whole world is crashing, zombie apocalypse starting, I'm murdering her, horrendous punishment and the world is on fire according to her. so I cant get her to sleep, cant keep her awake in this state. She has a good appetite but even food isn't distracting her right now, no wonder people put bloody brandy into baby bottles in the old days. It takes on average between 1-2 hours to get her to take a nap, regardless on how fricken tired she is. 

And to make matters worse. I'm not just dealing with her. I'm also dealing with Mr 3 month old, who at this time of the evening wants to cluster feed and hang off my boobs constantly, doesn't want to settle. All this, while trying to do the normal mumma stuff like nappy changes, baths, brushing teeth, dishes, cooking dinner, feed the food chucking, tantrum throwing sook that has taken over my child's ability to be my wonderfully beautiful princess. Don't get me wrong I love her and her brother to death, but my buttons are being pushed so bad right now. Our poor neighbours, I'm surprised we don't have the cops called on us by people thinking we are beating our child with how loud she has a tantrum. 

Can someone just come to my house and tell me I need a nap, I will happily go to sleep, would even pay for this opportunity as well. I average on 4 hours max per night between both kids. Mr 3 month old sleeps from  8 pm to 1 am, then is awake for the rest of the morning and wont go back to sleep, miss 15 month old wakes several times through the night, then is up at 5:30 am every day. Regardless of what time we put her to bed. I'm so exhausted all the time but I cant act like a goose, losing my shit over nothing. screaming for hours on end, refusing anything to try and calm me down because well, i'm the mum. I would probably be put into a mental institute if I acted the way I wanted to when all I need is a quick nap.

If you know a way to help or if I just need to ride out this horrible stage please let me know in the comments. This is one very overtired mumma sending out an SOS.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


  1. This is a real struggle with little ones. with time they'll hopefully settle into a routine.

  2. Hoping so as well, I know it doesn't last forever but can be very difficult some days.


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