I Don't Like Toy's

Why the hell are toys so dam expensive?

Not like kids play with them, they get amused for what, like 20 minutes then bam! lets go play with the curtains. I swear that everything has been child locked and put out of reach because miss 15 month old prefers anything other than toys to play with.

I don't get it though, We spend so much money on giving her and her bother a beautiful packed out playroom with toys and decorations. But no, lets play with the rocking seat instead, maybe try opening the draws as well. Like in this photo for example, I had spent 2 hours arranging the dam room with new toys and what do you know, i'm the one throwing around blocks to try and grab miss 15 months old interest, and what would she rather do?? climb all over me, not play with toys like a normal child. and mind you this is from a toddler who isn't the most cuddly child in the world. the miss independent who doesn't need mum or dad for help except when it comes to bringing her more food to eat.

And don't even get me started on the price of kids toys now days, its almost fraud. They charge an arm and leg for a toy that never gets played with, that will play music by itself whenever it bloody feels like it, and annoy the crap out of me and hubby until I either know every song on its playlist off by heart, or take the dam batteries out of it. 

I have recently found a shop along a beach not far from our house, that sells all pre-loved baby clothes, books and toys for $2 each, so when i'm in the area I like to stock up on toys that are easily disinfected and clothes for the kids, and the best part, most of them come with the batteries needed. 
Like how shit is it when you fork out $60 for a new toy, don't read the tiny small print saying batteries not included, get it home. Need batteries that are a stupid size and not owned by any regular person. When your at the shops next get the dam batteries that to are fricken expensive, and get a toy working and singing annoyingly catchy songs for your child to not even care or play with it. Needless to say that if a new toy needs batteries, it doesn't get them anymore. For the sanity of myself and hubby. Also for the fact that it doesn't make a difference if its going to be played with if it has batteries or not.

So let me know in the comments if you have millions of toys that you child/ren don't play with and if you also don't put the batteries into new toys.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


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