DIY Crayon For This Kid

Following on from my last blog "Kid's Crafts, Fail or Win?", where I discussed the lead of events that happen when trying to do craft projects with miss 15 month old. Well I finally got to the point where i'm sick of her trying to eat the damn crayons when letting her draw. so I decided to make her own special crayon in hopes the its works out better for her and attempted consumption is avoided.

 So I busted out all the crayons, majority of them in pieces after using them for a mumma DIY project making coloured candles. broke them all up into tiny pieces. was a very good stress relief being able to feel them shatter, and placed all the broken pieces into a muffin tin. You don't need anything else in the tin, when the crayons cool down you can just pop them out.
It only took a couple minutes till it all melted down and formed one big crayon, I left the tray in the oven to cool completely and when it was ready just put a little pressure on the bottom of the tin and out popped the crayon.

I was so excited that it worked out so well, I quickly ran upstairs to show hubby how awesome and creative I was. Well lets just say he didn't follow the script of the conversation I had in my head. There was no Great Job!! your an awesome mum!! So creative!! instead I was met with Death stares and a cranky hubby as he believed it was something edible I had made. Never seen so much disappointment and resentment from this man in my life than at this very moment. This is when I almost lost hope. You remember my reason for coming up with the idea of this special crayon... the reason being to try and stop miss 15 month old from wanting to consume it.. well instead of her wanting to eat it, it turned out hubby did! and boy did he let me know he wasn't happy that he couldn't.

But all this attitude from hubby didn't stop this excited mumma, who wanted to test the main person who would be using it, so I strapped her in the highchair, put the tray in place, taped down a bit of paper and hesitantly handed her the special crayon. and I stood and watched. She did something 10 times worse that trying to eat it. you know what she did!! NOTHING... absolutely bloody nothing but look at it then tried to rip up the paper I had delicately taped down.

I put in so much time and effort, well not really time, its pretty fast to make. but the effort to peel the wrappers off the crayon, break them all up, wait for it to cool, deal with hubby's attitude when he realised it was not consumable. all of that her her to do bloody nothing. no appreciating from this kid apparently. like who cares what mum does to try and make my life easier, we will just shit all over her creative ideas and make her feel yet again like a mum who doesn't have her shit together (read my blog "I'm Not A Glamorous Mum" for more details on how much I suck at being a mum sometimes, where I go onto the topic of how much my shit is not together 'not literal shit btw') 

So if you have ever had a creative idea that got shut down in some way or another, or if you have also made crayons like this let me know in the comments below.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


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