Kid's Crafts, Fail Or Win?

So everyone knows about making coloured rice as a craft activity with kids, the thing is, what the hell are you meant to do with it?
 I have coloured it all, made myself proud and when I poured it onto miss 15 month olds highchair tray for her to play with, she tried to eat it! She is at the age where anything we try to do instantly goes into the mouth. Got her an activity set where she could colour in her own little tote bag, she scribbled for 2 seconds then stuck the tip of the pen in her mouth, good thing it was  a non toxic pen, but now my child has a purple tongue. I ended up making a shaker with the rice using an old paper towel tube and taped up the ends, she played with it for a little bit but now it just sits there, reminding me of my failed attempt of being a clever Mumma.

 For hubby's birthday we painted a rock with miss 15 month olds hand print and wrote you rock daddy! It turned out well until she decided to try and lick the paint off her hand. I don't get it. Its a struggle to get her to eat vegetables but she is happy to eat pens, paint and coloured rice. 

We have had one good crafting experience with no attempted consumption involved, when I gave miss 15 month old sheets of coloured tissue paper to rip up into tiny pieces, she had a ball, and was even helpful enough to throw the small pieces she had finished with onto the floor from her high chair, once I collected up all the paper I then glued it in an abstract random pattern onto a piece of paper and framed it.

Comment below if you have any idea's I could try for new crafts for miss 15 month old, or any idea's of what I can do with tonnes of coloured rice.

I'm starting to realise that because I love to try many different DIY's and crafts of my own, i'm trying to help miss 15  month old do craft activities, and not just for the fun side but to also make pieces of work that she will be able to look back on when she is older and say with pride. "I did that"

I will be writing a new blog soon showing and explaining some of the DIY projects I have done recently to give myself some mumma time alone, and to keep my sanity. So don't forget to follow me to see all new blogs.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


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