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Kid Friendly Infused Water

I should be banned from the kitchen, i'm always trying to experiment and come up with new and wonderful creations, sometimes they work out well and I tell people about it. Other times I  just try to forget and keep my mouth shut because well it was more than just a epic fail, it was disastrous.  This time though it worked in my favour (the second attempt did anyway) I don't like giving miss 15 month old store bought juice, it has way to much sugar and preservatives for my liking, but I feel like she gets bored of having plain water all the time, so I decided to switch it up for her.
 I took the idea of fruit infused water, like when you add lemon slices to water, but made it kid friendly. I made two different flavour for water and a special treat for her to have with milk. The water flavours I made was blueberry and apple. The other one was pear and mandarin. With the pear and mandarin water flavours I peeled and chopped up 2 small pears and one mandarin, added it to my little fo…

Hubby chooses kids nicknames

Everyone gives their kids nicknames. Now my nicknaming skills are pretty normal, darling for my daughter and buddy for my son, in this blog we are not going to talk about how weird I am, but for once how weird and "creative" hubby is with nicknames.
So a quick run down, our children's nicknames have evolved over time. Almost every week they get a new one. Hubby has the usual names that he uses but then expands on them to make up new and weird creations.
For example, when our daughter was born and for the first couple weeks she was mini darling, we both called her this as she was born 7 weeks premmie and was very tiny so the name suited. Mini has stuck through the year, and several variations have been made, the most recent being mini von sprinkle bottom. I don't know how he came up with this, but I was out running errands and came home to our daughter having a new name.
Our son on the other hand, before we knew his gender the nickname I chose was jelly, because there ha…

Flat Garlic Bread/Pizza Recipe

And I have done it again. I have made miss 15 month old her own mini sized version of our meal. This time it was a mix between pizza and garlic bread. I made the biggest batch of stew in our slow cooker last night to use up the last of our veggies, and hubby for once didn't eat most of it, so now we have enough for 2 more nights. So to spice it up I have made my pizza dough recipe and made it into a pizza garlic bread, following on with our family adventure of eating tonnes of garlic coming into winter to reduce the chance of getting sick, and why do I say this? Well because doctor google told me. So it must be true.
So i'm here to give you my dough recipe, and to also show off my mini creation that I am yet again proud of.
So for this pizza dough you will need: 1.5 cups of flour of your choice 1/2 a cup of warm water 1/4 teaspoon of dry active yeast 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon oil  Optional- 1 tablespoon garlic powder/ or seasoning of choice

Now I got my recipe f…

My Children Wont Sleep! SOS!

Why on earth cant kids just bloody sleep when they need to. I'm currently dealing with miss 15 month old, who believes since turning 1 that she doesn't need her second nap any more. Well sorry to burst your bubble kid, but you do need it, More than anything right now! This crying at the drop of a hat, throwing tantrums about small things like you had to take an extra step to reach your toy and by god, you are showing me just how displeased you are.
Like seriously, what has been programmed into kids that makes them believe they don't need to sleep when so obviously tired. They are deifying the law of effect where if sleepy you sleep, so that you are no longer sleepy. Its not bloody rocket science. But here I am sitting, with my child screaming in my ear as she is so overtired its a joke. I'm contemplating booking into a sleep school to sort this shit out. Like what am I meant to do, she is sat here, having a hissy fit but if I try to put her to bed the whole world is cra…

DIY Crayon For This Kid

Following on from my last blog "Kid's Crafts, Fail or Win?", where I discussed the lead of events that happen when trying to do craft projects with miss 15 month old. Well I finally got to the point where i'm sick of her trying to eat the damn crayons when letting her draw. so I decided to make her own special crayon in hopes the its works out better for her and attempted consumption is avoided.

 So I busted out all the crayons, majority of them in pieces after using them for a mumma DIY project making coloured candles. broke them all up into tiny pieces. was a very good stress relief being able to feel them shatter, and placed all the broken pieces into a muffin tin. You don't need anything else in the tin, when the crayons cool down you can just pop them out. It only took a couple minutes till it all melted down and formed one big crayon, I left the tray in the oven to cool completely and when it was ready just put a little pressure on the bottom of the tin and o…

Kid's Crafts, Fail Or Win?

So everyone knows about making coloured rice as a craft activity with kids, the thing is, what the hell are you meant to do with it?  I have coloured it all, made myself proud and when I poured it onto miss 15 month olds highchair tray for her to play with, she tried to eat it! She is at the age where anything we try to do instantly goes into the mouth. Got her an activity set where she could colour in her own little tote bag, she scribbled for 2 seconds then stuck the tip of the pen in her mouth, good thing it was  a non toxic pen, but now my child has a purple tongue. I ended up making a shaker with the rice using an old paper towel tube and taped up the ends, she played with it for a little bit but now it just sits there, reminding me of my failed attempt of being a clever Mumma.

 For hubby's birthday we painted a rock with miss 15 month olds hand print and wrote you rock daddy! It turned out well until she decided to try and lick the paint off her hand. I don't get it. Its a…

Healthy Mash For Kids

So pretty much everybody knows how to make mash potatoes, everyone has their own technique, but the end results is pretty much the same. And when trying to feed your toddlers, some may add sweet potato into the mix to make a slightly healthier version. Well I make miss 15 month old mash differently. I add any vegetables we have in the house, each time I make it, its slightly different but is always loved and eaten like its going out of fashion. Last night I made mash for the family and this is what I used
Potatos Sweet potato Pumpkin Carrot Onion Broccoli and Cauliflower Peas and Corn and lastly  Garlic 
Now you might be wondering why I used garlic, its simple. Because google told me to and everything on the internet must be true right, well not quite but the point made in the article made sense in my head so that's good enough for me. I don't use it for added flavor but to decrease the chance of getting sick, its coming into winter soon here and its flu season, everyone around us is si…

I'm Obsessed!!!

Why on earth do I have strange obsessions with things, first its my obsession with making mini foods for my toddler (read my blog "mini foods for this kid") but I also have a thing for blankets. Kids & baby blankets to be exact. I don't know how this started but when I was pregnant with now miss 15 month old, I started collecting beautiful and colourful (pink mainly) blankets for her. I believe in total we have over 15 Girly Blankets for miss 15 month old, I even tie-dyed one myself for her. 

 "Compliments are welcome"

But you know what, she doesn't bloody use them. Doesn't matter how stupidly cold it is, she kicks it off the moment it touches her. She could be dead asleep with dribble hanging out and her mouth so wide open it looks like she is trying to catch fly's. But the moment you pull the blanket up its like she is having a bloody seizure to kick it off.  Ever see someone walk into a spider web and do the crazy get it off me! dance, well …

I Don't Like Toy's

Why the hell are toys so dam expensive?
Not like kids play with them, they get amused for what, like 20 minutes then bam! lets go play with the curtains. I swear that everything has been child locked and put out of reach because miss 15 month old prefers anything other than toys to play with.
I don't get it though, We spend so much money on giving her and her bother a beautiful packed out playroom with toys and decorations. But no, lets play with the rocking seat instead, maybe try opening the draws as well. Like in this photo for example, I had spent 2 hours arranging the dam room with new toys and what do you know, i'm the one throwing around blocks to try and grab miss 15 months old interest, and what would she rather do?? climb all over me, not play with toys like a normal child. and mind you this is from a toddler who isn't the most cuddly child in the world. the miss independent who doesn't need mum or dad for help except when it comes to bringing her more food …

I'm Not A Glamorous Mum

I have always wanted to be one of those glamorous mums you see, the ones who have time to work out, wear nice clothes and have perfect makeup.

I know the grass ain't always greener on the other side. But they seem to always have their shit together. Me on the other hand, well i'm lucky to even get out of my pj's every couple days. You see i'm one of those women who had two baby's so close together that I literally cant get anything done. 1 year and 3 days apart to be exact. Now don't get me wrong I love them both to pieces and wouldn't change it for the world but holy shit its hard. My first child decided I wasn't comfortable enough to stay full term, and thought a week before my baby shower was a good time to arrive. Well that itself threw a spanner in the works, first baby, 7 weeks early, almost two months in hospital and next thing you know i'm knocked up again. Not like we were being silly. We used protection!! But my son was meant to be apparen…

First Birthday Mishap

Don't eat red velvet cake... I mean it, unless you want the toilet bowl to look like a murder scene the next day. Unbeknown to me the cause of this bloody looking mess was the innocent looking, delicious red velvet cake.

"Warning; Graphic details provided in this blog"
But first lets rewind to why we had devoured this moist beautiful cake in the first place. Well it was our daughters 1st birthday. A day we were looking forward to and had high hopes of celebrating with a big party, lots of kids running around and all high on sugar. well it didn't turn out that way when the time came because I was heavily pregnant with our second child. Due to arrive any day. so all plans were out the window as this fat mumma had no energy, could not stand the bruised ribs and couldn't walk for more than a minute before becoming out of breath. 
So we had a quiet day at home, with a store bought cake. the dreams of making this cake from scratch long gone after the thought of baking…

Mini Foods For This Kid

I hope im not the only one, but I love to make miniature sized food for miss 15 month old. I feel accomplished, despite the added stress, time and effort it requires.
I don't know what is triggered in my brain but when I make a full size meal for hubby and myself, but I feel the need to recreate it, downsized perfectly to make it seem as though miss 15 moth old has her own full sized meal. for example. last night I made home made pizza from scratch, and by that I mean I even made our own dough, feeling yet again like super woman and house wife of the year until it came time to kneed it, stuff the gym. if you wanna get rid of arm fat just make pizza dough once a day and you will have muscles of steel. I mean it, its Autumn here at the moment and quite cold in the evenings but I had still managed to work up a sweat.... from bloody dough. So even though just giving miss 15 month old a slice from our pizza would have been so much easier, and she wouldn't have cared any less that …

Hidden Veggie's For The Win!!!

Now, I'm not  one to toot my own horn regularly but... I bloody did it, I managed to find a way to get fussy miss 15 month old to eat a crap tonne of veggies that would have normally meant the end of the world with starvation being fast impending, followed by tantrums and a once clean floor now looking like. well, pretty much everyone's floor if they are the growers and defenders of small, hot headed, firm minded, apparently allergic to anything healthy children.
Now I have personally had many failed attempts of hiding veggies into meals, the best I could get away with was home made banana/carrot loaf. but I think she knows something is up because my hubby refuses to eat it as well. so now the loaf has become the DIY stress ball that crumbles and hides down the side of the highchair, unbeknown to me until it is clean up time.
Now the staple "hiding" ingredient for my newly found miracle is Cous Cous, which in itself if fairly healthy compared to the diet of cheese, …