Kid Friendly Infused Water

I should be banned from the kitchen, i'm always trying to experiment and come up with new and wonderful creations, sometimes they work out well and I tell people about it. Other times I  just try to forget and keep my mouth shut because well it was more than just a epic fail, it was disastrous.
 This time though it worked in my favour (the second attempt did anyway) I don't like giving miss 15 month old store bought juice, it has way to much sugar and preservatives for my liking, but I feel like she gets bored of having plain water all the time, so I decided to switch it up for her.

 I took the idea of fruit infused water, like when you add lemon slices to water, but made it kid friendly. I made two different flavour for water and a special treat for her to have with milk. The water flavours I made was blueberry and apple. The other one was pear and mandarin.
With the pear and mandarin water flavours I peeled and chopped up 2 small pears and one mandarin, added it to my little food processor with a little bit of water, blended it till smooth with no clumps and put them in an ice cube tray. So as a treat or a change from plain water I just add one or two cubes to her water bottle.

The blueberry and apple water was a massive hit, miss 15 month old wouldn't put down her water bottle. I boiled some blueberries and apples together in some water until soft, waited for the mixture to cool down and then blended it in my little food processor, and the same again added them to an ice cube tray and add them to water occasionally. Sometimes I will  even add one of each ice cube flavor so she is getting 4 different fruits at once.

Now this next one I made was as a special treat to have with milk, it does contain nuts so be careful if you are wanting to try this outwith your little ones. I took 2 frozen bananas, (I buy them reduced when they are extremely ripe and freeze them straight away for banana bread or banana ice cream in summer) and added the bananas to a little bit of milk in my food processor, I also added a table spoon of peanut butter to add a nice flavour and blended together until smooth. And this itself would be a wonderful healthy ice cream alternative. And again into an ice cube tray waiting for a special occasion to be a little treat for miss 15 month old.

So if you flavour your kids drinks or have any suggestions of flavours to try let me know in the comments below.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say


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