Mini Foods For This Kid

I hope im not the only one, but I love to make miniature sized food for miss 15 month old. I feel accomplished, despite the added stress, time and effort it requires.

I don't know what is triggered in my brain but when I make a full size meal for hubby and myself, but I feel the need to recreate it, downsized perfectly to make it seem as though miss 15 moth old has her own full sized meal. for example. last night I made home made pizza from scratch, and by that I mean I even made our own dough, feeling yet again like super woman and house wife of the year until it came time to kneed it, stuff the gym. if you wanna get rid of arm fat just make pizza dough once a day and you will have muscles of steel. I mean it, its Autumn here at the moment and quite cold in the evenings but I had still managed to work up a sweat.... from bloody dough.
So even though just giving miss 15 month old a slice from our pizza would have been so much easier, and she wouldn't have cared any less that it wasn't her own little pizza, I wasn't having it. she needed her own perfect size work of art. 

So I rolled out three balls of pizza dough, topped the pizza's and TaDa! The perfect little creation just for her. until it came time to eat. You see, children don't see the effort you put in, they don't understand the logistics of how you want to feel proud and accomplished, and in the end miss 15 month old decided that daddy's pizza (although the exact same as hers) was much better.
Like they say, food tastes better when stolen from a friend.

" mug for size reference"

Another example of making miniature underappreciated food for miss 15 month old is when we had homemade hamburgers. this was a rare treat for the whole family as we never normally have this type of food. Even hubby helped out creating this masterpiece, we were both so proud of our work as well. we pulled out the cookie cutters to get the perfect size "bun" made from slices of bread. moulded a small patty to fit the bun perfectly. hubby even spend 15 minutes prepping the other ingredients just so it could fit perfectly into our creation. all was going well, until we handed her the burger. we forgot to think of how one so small would not yet know the technique to hold and eat a burger at one time. so the delicately build wonder was soon pulled apart and eaten piece by piece. the lettuce conveniently left behind.
I am still most happy about this adventure not just because of how well it turned out, Or that most of it got eaten, no. I was happy mostly because it got hubby involved. he was proud of our efforts and this in itself meant I felt as though im not crazy for always striving to do these little things, they take up a lot more time, can be frustrating with all the small components, and when the product is left behind for our plates of food instead it can be a little disheartening, but regardless. I will still continue to create mini foods for miss 15 moth old and maybe one day soon she will realise that she is getting something special, her own little foods which is much better than mum and dad's.

" Pictures taken by crappy phone, So just pretend that they are high quality professional foodie photos and lets leave it at that"

So if you too, like to make miniature food for your child/ren comment and let me know what you have made and how successful it was, I would love to know im not crazy for feeling so achieved doing this. and don't forget to read my last blog "Hidden Veggie's For The Win"

And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


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