Hidden Veggie's For The Win!!!

Now, I'm not  one to toot my own horn regularly but... I bloody did it, I managed to find a way to get fussy miss 15 month old to eat a crap tonne of veggies that would have normally meant the end of the world with starvation being fast impending, followed by tantrums and a once clean floor now looking like. well, pretty much everyone's floor if they are the growers and defenders of small, hot headed, firm minded, apparently allergic to anything healthy children.

Now I have personally had many failed attempts of hiding veggies into meals, the best I could get away with was home made banana/carrot loaf. but I think she knows something is up because my hubby refuses to eat it as well. so now the loaf has become the DIY stress ball that crumbles and hides down the side of the highchair, unbeknown to me until it is clean up time.

Now the staple "hiding" ingredient for my newly found miracle is Cous Cous, which in itself if fairly healthy compared to the diet of cheese, plain biscuits and yogurt. Now this ingredient is new to me as well, after being to chicken shit to try it before, hubby finally convinced me to try it out. after selling me on the fact that it is so bloody quick to make, if you can boil water then you cant mess it up. after the second time making cous cous I had left it sit for a while and it was sticky enough compared to its usual fluffy texture, to roll into little balls and miss 15 month old actually ate it, and by ate it I mean she devoured it like it was going out of fashion.

So the oh so clever mind that I normally don't own decided, what if I try to make somewhat of a veggie soup and use this to replace the boiling water. so at 9pm once both kids were asleep I started hunting through the fridge and gathering all the vegetables I could find. I felt like a woman on a mission. and with my hunting skills I was also contemplating making a spear and loin cloth to add to the excited, brave wishful feeling I had. Now being in the shitty last days before grocery shopping day we were in, there wasn't much selection. but I managed to gather up a good sized carrot, the last two small potatoes that would have otherwise been left to make its own fermented vodka that always smells like death. garlic cloves, corn and the last scraps of frozen broccoli and cauliflower mix in the freezer.

Now these next steps are extremely difficult, get ready for it though. grab a pen and paper and write down every minuscule detail or it will be ruined. you ready?? got everything?? OK
Step one: cut up all hunted and gathered veggies found, into your chosen size
Step two: boil it all together.
Step three: sit back and admire how bloody smart and creative you are to fool your child into eating something healthy and bloody packed with the dreaded veggies.
and your done.
Now I know it was tough, go take 15 to calm down and relax after writing all of that down, you deserve it. pat on the back for you.

So after your chosen veggies are all soft just mash or blend it all together using the water it was boiled in, you want this to be runny. and using precise measurements of the eyeballing technique, simply add almost half/half quantities, you want the veggies to be slightly less than the cous cous, cover it for a couple minutes and hey presto, we have something that it sticky enough to roll into balls, or circles or any shape that takes your fancy without sticking to your hands and the plate.

Now if you decide to do as I did and cook up this miracle at your normal bed time you will have to wait until the next day to see if you have for once outsmarted a beautifully stubborn minded product of yourself ,
It did indeed work for me, tested out when we were at the brink of shattered eardrums as someone, not naming names, was about to go into a full blown tantrum because daddy had to put on his shoes, which meant he wasn't holding you for a long and gruesome 4 seconds.

Now go and see if you can find a way to feel like a boss mum for fooling your child/ren into eating healthier. And as miss 15 month old likes to say 


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