First Birthday Mishap

Don't eat red velvet cake... I mean it, unless you want the toilet bowl to look like a murder scene the next day. Unbeknown to me the cause of this bloody looking mess was the innocent looking, delicious red velvet cake.

"Warning; Graphic details provided in this blog"

But first lets rewind to why we had devoured this moist beautiful cake in the first place. Well it was our daughters 1st birthday. A day we were looking forward to and had high hopes of celebrating with a big party, lots of kids running around and all high on sugar. well it didn't turn out that way when the time came because I was heavily pregnant with our second child. Due to arrive any day. so all plans were out the window as this fat mumma had no energy, could not stand the bruised ribs and couldn't walk for more than a minute before becoming out of breath. 

So we had a quiet day at home, with a store bought cake. the dreams of making this cake from scratch long gone after the thought of baking warranted the need to take a nap. And to add to my strange addiction of small food for my daughter (read my last blog to find out more). we found a small perfect size cake to share between hubby, myself and the birthday girl.

So we merrily sang happy birthday, Cut a small size slice for the birthday girl and then hubby and I stuffed our faces. not knowing of the PANIC  that was yet to follow. 

so the rest of the night went smooth, apart from a small sugar high birthday girl had being her first time eating cake, and her need to defy the laws of sleeping when one is tired, we all went to bed. the next day hubby was first to visit the porcelain throne. I had heard a small gasp of shock come from the bathroom but thought nothing of it, until I as well, needed to visit the loo a couple hours later. and by god I swore I was dyeing. I must have ruptured my stomach, been beaten to a pulp in my sleep. internal bleeding with death fast approaching. to be honest I was worried for the safety of soon to arrive baby number 2, yelling out to hubby that I need to go to hospital. we talked about what could have caused this devastating catastrophe. was it food poisoning? did I swallow glass and didn't know? it wasn't adding up as I had no pain. Just what seemed to be deep red blood exiting my body. 
Hubby then mentioned that he to was experiencing the same problem. But thought nothing of it as he is a sad sufferer of IBS. we waited an hour for miss newly 1 year old to wake from her nap before we would depart to hospital. she then decided it was time to grunt like a bear and release the bog of eternal stench " labyrinth quote". As I tended to this messy business it then clicked. the reason we all seemed to be bleeding out our behinds was caused by the seemingly innocent red velvet cake we had all enjoyed the night before. the hospital trip was then cancelled as fear of embarrassment outweighed my fading fear for birthday girls unborn brother.

So note to yourself, don't eat this type of cake, unless you want to have a heart attack and almost shit yourself to seemingly death "pun intended"

Three days later, little brother was born, but the remnants of having red velvet cake were still present and still blood red. this cake, when sold, should carry a warning label. to advise of the dangers and panic that will set in when relieving yourself the next day, and several days to follow.

Hope you can all be safe and avoid the embarrassment that inflicted our family, as any bathroom talk between our family is well avoided except from this one time. leave a comment if you to have had an incident with red velvet cake or any other food mishaps that have scared you half to death.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


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