Hubby chooses kids nicknames

Everyone gives their kids nicknames. Now my nicknaming skills are pretty normal, darling for my daughter and buddy for my son, in this blog we are not going to talk about how weird I am, but for once how weird and "creative" hubby is with nicknames.

So a quick run down, our children's nicknames have evolved over time. Almost every week they get a new one. Hubby has the usual names that he uses but then expands on them to make up new and weird creations.
For example, when our daughter was born and for the first couple weeks she was mini darling, we both called her this as she was born 7 weeks premmie and was very tiny so the name suited. Mini has stuck through the year, and several variations have been made, the most recent being mini von sprinkle bottom. I don't know how he came up with this, but I was out running errands and came home to our daughter having a new name.

Our son on the other hand, before we knew his gender the nickname I chose was jelly, because there had been such a short time between pregnancies my stomach was not yet back to pre pregnancy and was well, giggly like jelly. This name has stuck, and both hubby and I use it daily. When jelly is crying hubby turns it into yelly, to rhyme and mention the fact that he is being so loud.  I try to only use my sons real name or buddy, but i'm hearing jelly so much that its caught on. One of the more recent nicknames for him is jelly von daygo, again I don't know                                                                                   where it came from, but it does suit him in a                                                                         way. 

Surprisingly, as much as I prefer to use the kids real names, having these nicknames have become helpful in a way, like if I quickly need to say something regarding one of the kids, like for example, "mini is eating something" hubby instantly knows she has picked up something random off the ground and is sticking it in her mouth, and it was a lot quicker to say that then " our daughters name, has picked up something and is trying to eat it". By that stage whatever it was would already be gone.

So all in all, I don't like some of the nicknames hubby comes up with or the fact that he never uses our kids real names. These nicknames are random and we named the children for them to be called by their names, but on the other hand it is kinda cute and time saving using jelly and mini, hubby really likes it as well, because he can bust out into song and rhyme everything to match their nicknames and make the song work.... Until it gets stuck in my head for hours

So if you have any weird and wonderful nicknames for your children let me know in the comments below.

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