Healthy Mash For Kids

So pretty much everybody knows how to make mash potatoes, everyone has their own technique, but the end results is pretty much the same. And when trying to feed your toddlers, some may add sweet potato into the mix to make a slightly healthier version. Well I make miss 15 month old mash differently. I add any vegetables we have in the house, each time I make it, its slightly different but is always loved and eaten like its going out of fashion. Last night I made mash for the family and this is what I used

Sweet potato
Broccoli and Cauliflower
Peas and Corn
and lastly 

Now you might be wondering why I used garlic, its simple. Because google told me to and everything on the internet must be true right, well not quite but the point made in the article made sense in my head so that's good enough for me. I don't use it for added flavor but to decrease the chance of getting sick, its coming into winter soon here and its flu season, everyone around us is sick at the moment but our family is healthy as can be. so the garlic must be helping. I'm not talking like I add 1-2 cloves every meal, more like 5-6 especially in mash, with all the other veggies added you can barely taste the garlic. The only negative side effect is that hubby and the kids have been farting so much lately, Even Mr 3 month old who gets the garlic through my breast milk has his share of toots. The neighbours probably think we are a trumpet playing family. me on the other hand, i'm a lady and don't fart.... well at least when there is anyone around.

so back to the mash, you can add pretty much what ever veggies take your fancy or you have lying around, spinach, cabbage, zucchini, beans. anything to add as many veggies in as you please. so once I boil the veggies until tender, I use my immersion blender and make sure there is no lumps, then I add the classic milk and butter to make a nice and creamy mash and Ta-Da we are done.

So if you are wanting to try something different to add as a side dish to meals, or want to sneak extra veggies into your child/rens diets give this a go, and let me know in the comments below how it turned out.

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,


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