I'm Obsessed!!!

Why on earth do I have strange obsessions with things, first its my obsession with making mini foods for my toddler (read my blog "mini foods for this kid") but I also have a thing for blankets. Kids & baby blankets to be exact.
I don't know how this started but when I was pregnant with now miss 15 month old, I started collecting beautiful and colourful (pink mainly) blankets for her. I believe in total we have over 15 Girly Blankets for miss 15 month old, I even tie-dyed one myself for her. 

 "Compliments are welcome"

But you know what, she doesn't bloody use them. Doesn't matter how stupidly cold it is, she kicks it off the moment it touches her. She could be dead asleep with dribble hanging out and her mouth so wide open it looks like she is trying to catch fly's. But the moment you pull the blanket up its like she is having a bloody seizure to kick it off.  Ever see someone walk into a spider web and do the crazy get it off me! dance, well that's what this kid looks like. Its hilarious to watch but then the over worried Mumma in me kicks in and I fret about her getting too cold, getting sick, and it makes me feel like i'm neglecting her basic need to be warm, but she won't have it, won't ease my mind that i'm trying to be a good mum. But I let her have her way, even if it means I have to bundle her up in several layers of clothes to sleep, two pairs of socks at once to keep her little toes warm, I have even considered getting a bloody snow suit just for this kid to sleep in. 

Now there is another part to my obsession, after hubby pointed out my weird habit of hoarding unused blankets, I made up my mind that I would only buy 2 or so for my second child. And the problem is that this kid loves to be warm, but he is also a major up chuck baby. So the few blankets we have for Mr 3 month old are constantly in the washing machine and he has to use his sisters blankets. Which means our son is always wrapped up in pink, and hubby and I so use to it now that it doesn't even occur to us that he doesn't have "boy" blankets on. Its only when family come over and they are like 'Since when did you have two girls." That's when we realise how stupid it seems to them that I use Miss 15 month old's blankets for Mr 3 month old. But hey, at least if she isn't going to use the dam blankets he will, until he gets to the age of  the girl germ phobia. The only time I strictly make sure Mr 3 month old has his "boy" blankets is when we go out into public. I want to make it seem like I have my shit together and am a normal mum. Which is so far from the truth but hey no one is perfect. 

"Mr 3 month old with his blue blankets, rather than pink"

Along with trying to fool myself into believing i'm a put together organised mum. I also have this thing where it really pushes my buttons when people get the gender of my kids wrong. For example, when miss 15 month old was younger we would have bows in her hair, pink clothes, pink dummy, her tye-dyed blanket which is mainly pink, and people would still come up and ask if "it" was a boy. My immediate response would be "No IT is a bloody wombat you idiot" then quickly follow with "no she is a girl, hence the PINK..."  Like seriously how much more could I have possibly made her look like a fricken little girl by drowning her in pink, like I get sometimes when kids are wearing colours like orange and purple, it could be hard to tell. But it is so dam blatantly obvious, it really grinds my gears.

So if you also like to collect weird and wonderful things, or if you to hate when people cant tell the gender of your child/ren, let me know in the comments below. 

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And as miss 15 month old likes to say,



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