How To Clean The Walls When Kids Draw On Them

I feel compelled to write this blog to share some tips for getting the kids "artworks" off your walls. Miss 2 year old had decided that her drawing book was to boring and instead do a lovely master piece the whole length if our hallway, lucky it was only crayon so it is easy enough to get off with the right tools, but there have been some occasions of texta/markers being used. And before I learnt the following trick I was stumped and panicked on how to rid it off the walls quickly.

For crayon, colouring in pencils. I use a magic eraser block, there are many different brands depending where you live. But this product is a miracle in a small foam block, great for getting any marks off walls. So for this reason I always keep a stash on hand for evens like this, or if there is any dirty spots, scuff marks on my walls. What you do it wet the foam block, and squeeze out the excess water, and lightly wipe the area you need to clean. Now I cant stress this enough that for a small simple looking. block of foam it is mighty powerfull. You do NOT want to scrub the area hard, regardless of how dirty it is! This little unsuspecting foam block is effective enough that if used to profusely cant remove the paint from the walls as well as the dirt. The brand I currently use is chux magic eraser, but as mentioned before there are many brands available.

Now I have only recently discovered this next trick, and by god it saved me a impending heart attack. We rent our home so keeping the walls clean is very important, but living with two under 2, it is also a mission as every day there seems to be new dirt all over the walls.
so if your little one has decided to become Picasso with texta/markers all over the walls you need to act fast, as wet markers is easier to remove, and the magical ingredient to removing your childs unwanted artwork is..... Hand sanitizer gel! I know right! I was shocked to find this method but so grateful at the same time. What you do is spread a thin layer of hand sanitizer over the marker and wipe it away with a damp cloth or paper towel. Now you may have a couple stubborn spots and need to repeat this process, but trust me it works so much better than sitting on you knees scrubbing the walls with soap and water.

So the two must have products for cleaning walls that I always have on hand is magic eraser blocks and hand sanitizer. If you try these methods or have any other tips and tricks please leave a comment down below, and be sure to follow me to stay up to date on new post ranging from DIY's, recipes, life of a mum to 2 under 2, my weight loss journey and cleaning tips and tricks and everything in between.

Untill next time!


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