I Designed My Own Shoes!!!

I designed my own shoes!

This started out as a "I'm to cheap to buy expensive but stylish and unique shoes" idea. Having seen a couple youtube videos where people drew on their plain white shoes with sharpie to make them unique. So I did just that, went to the store and bought myself 2 pairs of $3.50 plain white shoes and a pair for miss almost 2 year old. (they sadly didn't have a small enough size for mr almost 1 year old).

With these new white shoes in hand, some sharpies I already owned, and after a initial fail with my first pair, some waterproofing spray. "long story short, I wore my first pair out while it was raining and the colours have bled and made the shoes look like crap. But lesson learnt."

My first pair of shoes I designed were the Boho shoe's. I am currently going through a tropical theme phase, so added in the leaves along with my go to boho mix match style. All in all this pair of shoes took around 3 hours to complete, this included a million and 1 interruptions from my wonderfully energetic children, who had come to realise that mum was trying to focus hard on something that didn't involve them, so mustering up all their willpower, got into everything off limits to draw my attention to them.

My second pair to design was for miss almost 2 year old. She loves shoes at the moment and any chance she gets will try to wear any shoes in her reach, regardless of size. I struggled designing these shoes as they were so small compared to my first pair and coming up with a design was challenging. What I ended up doing was designing one shoe, hoping I liked the end result. Then trying to copy it onto the other shoe. "not as easy as it sounds to be honest". This time though, once I had finished both shoes, I profusely sprayed them with several coats of waterproofing spray, and several months later they are still holding up well. This pair took around 45 mins to complete (both children where in bed so no interruptions).

This last pair of shoes I have designed was done a few nights ago, and I am yet to wear them for a sizing fail has happened. But the waterproofing spray I have used held up against the thunderstorm happening tonight, where I forgot that I left the shoes at the front door and they got heavily rained on, but none of my design has bled so I am very happy. Now I never realised when purchasing these shoes, but this pair was actually men's sizing and not women's, so they are way to large for me, yet to small for hubby. Considering the design isn't "too" girly, I am tempted to try to sell them but am not sure if people "men" especially would be interested in these types of shoes. So if anyone has any idea on what I can do with these shoes or if you are a man and would consider wearing these shoes given the design on them, please let me know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed my self designed shoes and it is encouraging enough for you to give it a try, just remember to USE water proofing spray and double check the sizing of the shoes as well. But most of all just have fun with it.

Thank you all and follow along with me for regular blog posts ranging from DIY's to recipes to my kids updates and everything in-between.

Untill next time :)


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