Beginning My Weight Loss Journey

This is an old blog post series I never published. I have several blogs following my weight loss journey and some healthy recipes along the way. If you are interested in this little series of events make sure to follow me and follow my journey.

So I am either crazy or just sick of the way I am currently. Right now I am between 78-80kg (slight guessing from the last time I
used scales, I don't actually own scales either) 155cms tall and absolutely disgusted in the way I look.

So my current measurements (12/12/17) are as followed
Hips: 44.5 inch
Waist: 35 inch
Legs (upper thigh): 27 inch
Arms: 13.5 inch
Boobs: 39 inch

So a bit of my background, my whole family is big, I wouldn't say obese but we are all short and solid built, big boned or just stocky. So I think genetics is a little bit to blame for my size. I have never, even at my fittest been a lean shape. Another reason for my current body shape is my wonderful children. Born 1 year and 3 days apart. I know this has made the shape of my body, well stomach area mainly really messed up. I went from the smallest I had ever been to pregnant to giving birth to pregnant a short couple months later. Another thing I am aware of that contributes to my weight is my salt intake. I don't eat deep fried, salt covered crap regularly. But I do add salt to most meals for flavour. For instance, the only way I like mash potato is absolutely salted to the max, like the dead sea and mash potato had a baby, that would be how I eat mash.

The last major thing I knowingly do wrong is how often I eat. I know I'm in calorie negative every day, I eat 1 small solid meal which is dinner, its not what I would call unhealthy, but defiantly not as healthy as it should be ie: salt added, I also only have a small dinner on a little plate as I find I get full quickly but then feel hungry quickly after. The only other food I eat during the day is the scraps of my children. If they have lunch and leave any not soggy half chewed on food I will quickly eat it rather than throw it out and waste food. The main reason I am terrible with eating regularly is because of the kids. One going through terrible two's and the other is now crawling and getting into everything. So from 4am till 7:30pm I am non stop go between children, house work and dinner.

So on the 11/12/2017 I decided enough is enough, I'm at my wits end of feeling gross, unattractive. I don't want to look like I'm sorta still pregnant any more. I'm sick of feeling uncomfortable with every day things like  rolling out of bed at 2am for a bottle run. I just want to look healthy, want to be happy within myself, have more energy and lead a good example for my two children.

So if you want to follow me on my journey to discover the better, fitter, healthier, happier me, then stay tuned. At this stage I'm looking to do every 3 day updates with what I have been doing to eat healthier, do more exercise and all my struggles along the way.
So until next time, stay positive and motivated.


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