8 Month's Is A Long Time!!!

Anddddd I'm back!

8 months since my last blog post is pretty bad, and its not due to one reason or excuse. The truthful and simple answer to why I have been absent from my poorly written, extremely sarcastic blogging is.... Real life. Yep that's it, real life got busy, then hard, then busy again. Rinse and repeat.
"Brother and Sister love"

So a few real life things that kept me away were, hubby lost his job, the kids got more demanding, I battled through depression, we moved house and shared it with another family (worse mistake ever), hubby got a new job with crappy work hours and a 2 hour commute each way through peak hour traffic, and a miscarriage a week ago.

So yeah, life has been busy and shitty for a while. But I'm back with a new determination to continue blogging, I enjoyed it. Having a laugh, being sarcastic, sharing things with random strangers.

So an update on the kids... Miss 18 month old is now miss 2 years old in 2 days :D so excited but so crying at the same time knowing my baby is growing up (everyone shed a tear if you know the feeling of our babies wont be babies forever) she is a walking, talking ball of energy and attitude. The most loving yet mean sister to her little brother, and the most obsessed with dogs (puppy dogs to be exact) human I have ever met.


Mr 6 month old is now turning 1 in 5 days and just today stood by himself for an extended period of time (also another tearfull moment). He has smashed his sisters record with teeth for age with 8 sharp little suckers spread across his cheeky grin. He has been the most chilled out and happy child I have ever met (not including when he is teething or sick) he crawls and climbs like a man on a mission, knowing only how to say mama and cya (while waving goodbye)

So to put forward my plans of returning to my hobby blog, I would just like to say stay tuned for my new upcoming blogs. With content ranging between children's updates, recipes, DIY's and everything in-between.

So thank you all again and cya later alligator from me and my soon to be 1 & 2 year olds.


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