Garden Of BeLEAF - Their In Big Pots!!

So update time on my veranda/container garden here in Australia in winter.

Most of the vegetables I am growing and germinating are ment for warmer months, spring mostly, but as people know Australia is hot as hell, if we get below 21 degrees celcius (69 F) we complain that its to bloody cold. But even with the cold there is still the humidity known throughout all of QLD.
Never the less, I have given my seedlings a fighting chance and have been using a greenhouse to help them out. Some have absolutely thrived and are now in their big pots waiting to grow big enough to be harvested.

We rent where we live so putting a raised bed in not an option as it will kill the grass. I even asked the owners about garden beds on legs so it is off the ground but sadly still a no, this is why I have decided on containers. It is also helpfull that our varenda recieves the most sun during the day during winter so it is working out well.
So today I am going to share which veggies have been upgraded to big pots.


First we have the Radish, I have never eaten radish before and of course never grow it (I have never grown any vegetables) but the 4-6 weeks harvest time from seeds sold it for me. I am renound for being impatient with almost everything so growing vegetables has really challeged me to learn patience. So from seed germination to right now in the posts have been just over 3 weeks, I am still expecting another 2-3 weeks before I am able to harvest because it is winter and it is no longer in the greenhouse.


Next up is rainbow carrots, these have been growing for around 4 weeks now from germination, they were smaller than I originally planned to pot them up, but I ran out of room in my greenhouse so into pots they went, the empty looking container beside the carrots is also carrots, but this one my impatience came into play and I put the first sproutings of germination that was growing on toilet paper into the pot. So im hoping I will at least get something out of this pot, but wont be to disappointed if I dont.


Next up is my beetroot, these seeds I didnt germinate and just sprinkled them over my soil, adding another thin layer on top, this is because the packet said plant seeds in final position and I wanted to act like I at least knew what I was doing (I didnt) but hey a fair few have started to grow, so this is my baby project, to make sure I can get at least a few beetroot to roast up with our sunday roast soon.


And the newest addition to the big pots is 3 of my very understanding corn (read my first blog about my garden if you dont understand) 
These were potted up today and I am hoping that 3 wont be to cramped in one pot (youtube told me it was fine) but I guess I will wait and see.

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