Healthy Scrambled Erggs That Kids Love

Welcome back to my blog. I must admit that lately I have been very lazy when it comes to blogging. But im back! For the 3rd time.

So today I will be sharing my newly discovered recipe that my 1 and 2 year old WILL eat. Which is not very common to find. My kids are not super fussy eaters, but always turn up their nose at what I make. Yet we visit a friend or family member and my kids will eat them out of house and home. Making it seem like they are starved and I never feed them. Which is not the case at all. 
I must admit that I am fed up with all the food that goes to waste at my house because the kids will eat some then refuse to eat any more. So I have come up with a new plan that if they don't finish breakfast, it becomes lunch and they wont get any other snacks/new meals made untill its finished. Now im not being harsh and force feeding them food they dont like, just the food that they do like but dont want to finish.

This recipe is realitively healthy and uses veggies that need to be used up soon. And its quite a basic recipe that is good enough for adults/parents to eat as well.

Vegetable scrambled eggs

3 medium eggs
Handfull of diced bacon
1 small carrot grated
1-2 slices of a quarter cabbage diced small
1 teaspoon dried Italian  seasoning (or to taste)
Optional salt and pepper.
Any other vegetables needing to be used up


1) heat a fry pan to medium heat and start cooking bacon and carrot. Cook for around 5 minutes. Add italian seasoning after 5 minutes

2) add diced cabbages and 1/4 cup of water. Allow this to all steam and cook for another 5-10 minutes.

3) once all the water disolves add in your scrambled eggs. (I scrambled my eggs without added milk but this is optional)

4) cook to desired egg consistency, I prefer really hard/firm scrambled eggs rather than soft and fluffy. And serve with optional toppings of mayonnaise or spring onions.

This is a very versatile recipe where you could use any vegetables such as potatos, sweet potatos, beetroots, onion, spinach, capsicum  etc.

I must admit its not the prettiest of meals but that came down to my lack of effort put into serving this dish, I do know that it is very tasty, relitively healthy and my kids absolutly devoured it (with my help) and we are now all happily sitting with very full bellies and I am one very happy mumma who managed to not only get my kids to eat veggies but to finish a whole meal I made for them.

So if you try out this recipe leave me a comment and add a picture as wel, if you liked this recipe check out my others on my blog page and dont forget to follow me.

Look forward to reading all your comments and stay tuned for my next blog.


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