Garden Of BeLEAF - My New Chapter

Welcome Back! I have been blogging on and off again over the past year with little success. Most likely due to my irregular posting, but none the less I am back. This time is a new chapter, my newly found love for gardening. I am notorious for killing any plants I try to grow from seedlings bought in store. And only once have I gotten seeds to start, and that was sunflower seeds from a packet for kids!
So my knowledge of gardening is more limited than I originally thought. I realised that there is a bit more to gardening then throwing seeds into dirt and watering every now and then.

The main thing I have lernt this past month is germination, I honestly didnt know it excisted untill I found myself binge watching youtube on how to grow tomato plants (after hearing tomatos are one of the easiest vegetables to grow) so after wondering for so long why almost none of my seeds grew into anything once planted into pots, I decided to try my hand at germination idoors. And  to say im hooked is an understatement, I love checking the seeds daily to see what has happend in the span of 24 hours.

So the way I have been germinating my seeds is, dampening 4 squares of toilet paper, adding my seeds spacing them apart, and wrapping in cling wrap. Then I will place them in my little greenhouse to speed up the process. At this stage im having over 50% sucess rate for every type of seed i'm germinating apart from tomatos and capsicum.

I have also come to realise that if I try to germinate a lot of seeds, chances are I am going to end up with lots of seedings. I made this mistake with my broccoli seeds as they were my first vegetables to test my germinating skills. And the main reason I think I made this mistake is my past experience with gardening and expecting most of the seeds to not  grow.  But here we are over 40 broccoli of 2 varieties later. Once I realised my mistake I have been fairly brutal with culling any seedings that are lacking behind. I feel terrible doing this as getting to this seedling stage was a very proud moment for myself, but our family of 4 would not be able to consume 120+ broccoli at harvest time. So a lot have had to go and im now at a managable number of 15 of 2 varieties.
Another huge mistake I have made was only a week ago, I had started germinating sweet corn to grow in containers, germination went well so I started potting up my sprouting seeds, ony problem was I was putting them the wrong way and leaving the root/stem at the top of the soil, stupidly thinking it was the "leaves" so a few of my corn died from that mistake but several have taken pity on my lack of knowledge and curled their roots over back into the dirt and started into the seedling stage.
Im sure I am going to make many more mistakes in future but I am lerning from all these incidents and 'growing' from it. Pun intended.  But I am very proud of myself for getting to this seedling stage as my history of growing plants from seeds is very measly.
I hope you all enjoyed my new blog series and like and follow me to keep up to date on my veranda vegetable garden. Also leave a comment if you too have had some funny gardening mistakes that you look back at and think how did I ever get that wrong!


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