Garden Of BeLEAF - Tomatos

On my veranda garden, also knows as container garden I am growing several varieties of tomatos. 2 of which I have started from seeds and 3 which I bought as large seedlings from my local farmers market.


Now why I decided to grow so many varieties of tomatos is actually not known to me. I love the way tomatos look but I absolutly hate the taste of them. Tomato sauce/soup etc is fine for me. But in salads or on sandwiches is a no-go.

But as mentioned I love the way tomatos look, how there are so many varieties and the different looks of them all. So my plan is to make and jar up our own homemade tomato sauce using a mix if the varieties and share the jars with friends and family depending on how much we get.
So the 3 tomato plants I bought from our local farmers market is:
- Roque De Marmende
- Black Krim (one of my favorite looking tomatos)
-  Mortgage Lifter

So far the roque de marmende and black krim are flowering with more bulbs getting ready to flower , and the mortgage lifter has lots of little bulbs that should flower soon.
The two tomato varieties I have started from seeds were germinated in damp toilet paper wrapped in cling wrap.

- Black Cherry
- Tiger Tomato (also one of my favorite looking tomatos)


the black cherry tomatos were germinated about 3 weeks ago and have been in their little bio degradable pots for 2 weeks, the single tiger tomato was germinated 4 weeks ago and was the only seed to germinate. The single tiger tomato plant was potted up 1 week ago, just as I was about to give up on the lot of seeds.

(Keep in mind its dead of winter here in QLD Australia so all the vegetables, although in a greenhouse, are taking a very long time to grow)

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