Frosted Marbled Cupcakes

Do you ever just get into a mood where your like. I feel like baking. Well that happened to me the other day, so I pulled out baking supply's and got to work. 

When I get in these moods I don't plan out what i'm doing and I just make it up as I go, sometimes it turns out great, and other times I regret my relaxed style and wish I had planned what I was doing. This time though, I was baking for hubby not the kids, so I didn't worry about sugar or colouring control. 

Hubby picked the flavour, having the choice between orange, strawberry, coconut, lemon and bubblegum. With the way I coloured these cupcakes you would think he choose the bubblegum but actually he chose strawberry. I'm glad I wast going to be eating them because artificial strawberry doesn't taste very good to me.

So with my food colouring on hand I got to creating, and decided on pink, light green, blue and plain white marble/rainbow cupcakes.

Now the frosting didn't work out as well as I hoped, wanting to achieve a look of white frosting with colours but to me it just looked like the toothpaste you get with the blue and red coloured strip in it. Hubby was very suspicious when I handed him a cupcake to try. As having previously made him a cupcake full of salt several years ago. He tends to get a bit suspect about my baking and I don't actually blame him this time with how toothpaste like it looked. But hubby enjoyed these cupcakes, kept him quiet for a while and earn't me a foot rub so I was happy.

So if you ever get in a mood to bake randomly, and if your creations sometimes don't work out let me know in the comments below.

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