I Save Plants

I'm feeling yet again like super mum of the year, the rescuer of plants and herbs. I don't know where this new need in me to have and grow plants came from but I like it. Having never had a green thumb in my life before and killing more plants than I'd care to admit, I always had a thought that there was no use in me trying to grow anything. 
That was until a couple months ago, I woke up one morning thinking, I really want to go and buy a plant, see if I can make it live longer than a couple weeks, not thinking to much more on the idea, we did our weekly grocery shop, and at the reduced produce shelf there was some potted coriander plants, looking a bit sad and sorry for themselves, so I thought at $1.50 why not. I'll see if I can make them happy again. So out came my DIY painted pots that I had done a year earlier. They have just been sitting in storage waiting for some use. I did use one of my pots to make some fake cactus out of stones which I will write about in another blog. 

So two months, several plants later I have a beautiful line up of happy little plants now. for someone who was renowned for killing them I have now been able to bring them back to life. and for something so small of a task, I feel so accomplished. They brighten up the house so well, and we now have fresh coriander to add to meals. I used some of this coriander on my flat garlic bread/ pizza, recipe in my previous blog-  http://chloeanb.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/flat-garlic-breadpizza-recipe.html

I just have one problem now, I want to save all the sad looking plants from being forgotten and left for dead but... I'm out of little pots, so its time to start convincing hubby to let my buy more pots to paint to my hearts content and buy every sad little plant we come across to help me feel like a wonder woman, housewife, mother and plant saver of the year.

So if you have ever bought a plant just to save it, or like me never had a green thumb in your life let me know in the comments below.

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