Garden Of BeLEAF - Time To Say Goodbye

So the time has come. Time for me to say goodbye to almost half of my seedlings, I have raised them all from seeds. Through hot dry days and freezing cold nights. Days of no sunshine and attacks from my 2 toddlers. But the time has come to pass them on to their new forever home.


My mum has a vegetabe garden, she set it up in the summer at the side of her house where there was sunshine almost all day long. Come winter and no sun hits this spot at all, so all of her vegetables have passed on to becone compost. She also usually buys her seedlings from our local hardware store, which means they are almost always deasised ridden and die within a few weeks.

But this weekend she has moved her large raised garden beds to a position that recieves sun all seasons, so to help her out I am giving here a variety of my seedlings, all germinated and raised by me. Me being someone who had never had a greenthumb in her 22 years of life. So it is a proud moment for myself. I feel accomplished and my mum will reap the rewards.
So this morning I gave my seedlings one last water, before packing them up ready to go on a roadtrip (40 mins) to my mums house.


In the mix is:
3 cucumbers
6 broccoli (2 varieties)
2 white onions
2 yellow beans
4 cauliflower

I am also going to give her 2 of my tubs of mixed lettuce.

And 2-3 black cherry tomatos


I am feeling both proud and sad to be sharing my growing achievement, as I am losing almost half of my yeild. But with several more vegetables currently germinating my numbers will pick back up again very soon, and hopefully with enough to share around again.



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