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Hi all, I know I haven't posted in a long time, But I am needing some help if anyone is able to helo contribute to my go fund me for my mother, If you aren't able to donate but would still like to help please feel free to share the link below for my go fund me page, any and all help is very much appreciated

My mother has always worked hard to give me the best life she could as I was growing up, she was a single mother to me for many years and put herself through uni to become a nurse, later in life she has become a musculoskeletal therapist, her whole life has been about helping others as much as she could, and now she deserves and needs help from me. She has suffered from stage 5 endometriosis and undergone several surgeries to fix this, the past one being this past november 2018 where she had a full hysterectomy and partial removal of her bowels, before the hysterectomy she fought hard for many many years to have my 2 younger brothers who are now aged 5 and 2, she now also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which has very aggressively attacked her whole body due to the work she does as a musculoskeletal skeletal therapist, she is on so many medications to help her get through each day and continue to raise my 2 brothers as well as provide the best she can for her clients, but all these medications have now affected her liver to the point where she now has liver disease.

Her life expectancy is dramatically declining with each small issue that also comes along with her health and the medications needed so she can live her life day to day.

So my wish is to have the chance to be able to take my mum for a holiday, give her a break from her work which she has worked so hard on for the past 12 years without taking a proper break for herself, and give her some wonderful lasting memories with us 3 siblings and her 2 young grandchildren (my children)

I cannot even begin to explain how hard she has worked her whole life to give us kids the best she could and how hard she has worked to help others through her work and to see her deteriorating with every visit and knowing that she won't be able to keep doing her dream job and caring for everyone for much longer. It is so heartbreaking to see my mother, the inspiration of my life, the strong woman I know and my best friend in so much pain daily. I will never be able to repay her for everything she has done for us kids as well as so many other people in the community. But I would love to show this as my thank you and show her how much she means to me and my family.

My plan  for how the money raise would be spent is to take my mother, my little brothers, myself and my 2 children on a holiday where we can spend a lot of quality time together and just enjoy the life that is left, I would love to be able to spoil her and take her to get her hair done, a massage for herself for once, a spa day etc. Just spoil her in the way she deserves.

For anyone who does decide to donate, I would just like to say how very grateful I am and if you wish to leave any messages for my mother I will personally pass them all on to her to read. Any and all donations are so very deeply appreciate and I would just like to thank you all for taking the time to read my story.

Go Fund Me Page


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